TestingEngine class

Testing engine that can run a controlled concurrency test using a specified configuration.

public sealed class TestingEngine

Public Members

name description
static Create(…) Creates a new systematic testing engine. (10 methods)
ReadableTrace { get; } The readable trace, if any.
ReproducableTrace { get; } The reproducable trace, if any.
TestReport { get; set; } Data structure containing information gathered during testing.
GetReport() Returns a report with the testing results.
RegisterPerIterationCallBack(…) Registers a callback to invoke at the end of each iteration. The callback takes as a parameter an integer representing the current iteration.
Run() Runs the testing engine.
SetLogger(…) Installs the specified TextWriter.
Stop() Stops the testing engine.
TryEmitTraces(…) Tries to emit the testing traces, if any.

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