ConsoleLogger class

Logger that writes text to the console.

public sealed class ConsoleLogger : TextWriter, ILogger

Public Members

name description
ConsoleLogger() Initializes a new instance of the ConsoleLogger class.
override Encoding { get; } When overridden in a derived class, returns the character encoding in which the output is written.
LogLevel { get; set; } The level of detail to report.
TextWriter { get; } This property provides a TextWriter that implements ILogger which is handy if you have existing code that requires a TextWriter.
override Write(…) Writes an informational string to the log. (2 methods)
Write(…) Writes a string to the log. (2 methods)
override WriteLine(…) Writes an informational string to the log. (2 methods)
WriteLine(…) Writes a string followed by a line terminator to the text string or stream. (2 methods)


See Logging for more information.

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