eBPF for Windows
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1 // Copyright (c) eBPF for Windows contributors
2 // SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT
3 #pragma once
10 #include <stdint.h>
12 // For eBPF programs, struct bpf_map means struct _ebpf_map_definition_in_file,
13 // since they use inner_map_idx and pass pointers to such structures to the various
14 // map APIs.
15 #define bpf_map _ebpf_map_definition_in_file
17 // Type aliases used by libbpf headers.
18 typedef int32_t __s32;
19 typedef int64_t __s64;
20 typedef uint16_t __be16;
21 typedef uint16_t __u16;
22 typedef uint32_t __be32;
23 typedef uint32_t __u32;
24 typedef uint32_t __wsum;
25 typedef uint64_t __u64;
uint32_t __be32
Definition: bpf_helpers_platform.h:22
int32_t __s32
Definition: bpf_helpers_platform.h:18
uint32_t __u32
Definition: bpf_helpers_platform.h:23
int64_t __s64
Definition: bpf_helpers_platform.h:19
uint16_t __be16
Definition: bpf_helpers_platform.h:20
uint16_t __u16
Definition: bpf_helpers_platform.h:21
uint64_t __u64
Definition: bpf_helpers_platform.h:25
uint32_t __wsum
Definition: bpf_helpers_platform.h:24