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Get started with Kiota

Kiota can be accessed in the following ways.

Download binaries

You can download the latest version from the releases page.

Install as .NET tool

If you have the .NET SDK installed, you can install Kiota as a .NET tool.

Install the .NET tool

Execute the following command to install the tool.

dotnet tool install --global --prerelease Microsoft.OpenApi.Kiota

Run in Docker

You can run Kiota in our Docker container with one of the following commands.

docker run -v /some/output/path:/app/output \
-v /some/input/description.yml:/app/openapi.yml \ --language csharp -n samespaceprefix

Note: you can alternatively use the --openapi parameter with a URI instead of volume mapping.

To generate a SDK from an online OpenAPI description and into the current directory:

docker run -v ${PWD}:/app/output \
--language typescript -n gfx -d \

Build Kiota

  1. Clone the current repository.
  2. Install the .NET SDK 6.0.
  3. Open the solution with Visual Studio and right click publish –or– execute the following command:

     dotnet publish ./src/kiota/kiota.csproj -c Release -p:PublishSingleFile=true -r win-x64
  4. Navigate to the output directory (usually under src/kiota/bin/Release/net6.0).
  5. Run kiota.exe ....

Note: refer to .NET runtime identifier catalog so select the appropriate runtime for your platform.

Next steps

For details on running Kiota, see Using the Kiota tool

The following topics provide details on using Kiota to generate SDKs for specific languages.

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