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Profiling lage

A particularly complex monorepo can present opporunities for optimization. For example, when there are really large packages, it might be more efficient to break those up so the build can be split across different CPU cores. lage greatly enhances the ability for developers to see where the bottlenecks are.

To collect a profile of the lage run, simply run lage with the same arguments while adding the --profile argument.

lage build test --profile

Using the profile

When the run is finished, a profile JSON file is produced. This file is to be imported into a Chromium-based browser's devtools Performance tab.

Sample of lage profile session

For example, you can see the following lage run of the Fluent UI repo. You can see that there is a dip in the concurrency when building the office-ui-fabric-react package. This makes sense, because many internal packages depends on that one large package.