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Scoped Builds

Scoping a task runner can speed up the process especially if there are distinct clusters of packages that are not related to each other within the repository. lage has a scope option that allows the task running to proceed up to the packages found that matches the scope argument. This is a string matcher based on the name of the packages (not the package path).

It is important to note that dependents and dependencies refer to the package & task.

Scoped builds with all its dependents

By default, it is helpful to be able to run tasks on all affected packages within a scope. Packages that changed will affect downstream consumers. In this case, pass along the scope to build all the dependencies as well.

Note: you can use wild card character: *. This is particularly helpful when packages are named by group or by scope.

$ lage build --scope *build-tools*

Scoped builds with no dependent & their dependencies

Sometimes we want to run the tasks needed to satisfy the build script of all the packages that has the build-tools string in their names. Think of this as running tasks up and including the package matched in the scope. Simply add a --no-deps flag to run up to a package task.

$ lage build --scope *build-tools* --no-deps