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Physical computing for young learners on the micro:bit V2:

Web editor

The MicroCode web editor is at We recommend using the keyboard navigation. MicroCode is designed to be friendly to switch access devices.

Automatic download to micro:bit V2

When the editor does not detect any micro:bit, it will automatically prompt you with instructions on how to connect.

Once your micro:bit V2 is paired, the web editor will be able to download your MicroCode program to your micro:bit. This happens on every edit, so your program is always up-to-date (and running)!

If your micro:bit disconnects, you will see a micro:bit icon show up on the upper left corner of the editor. Click on that button to reconnect again.


MicroCode is community translated through Crowdin. Please read on localization to get started.


We want to make the editor as accessible as possible; please send us suggestions to improve its accessibility.

Keyboard navigation

MicroCode can be accessed with the keyboard:


MicroCode supports game console controllers compatible with Web Gamepad.

Screen reader

The editor integrates with existing screen readers, like NVDA.

Tooltip read aloud

By clicking on the tooltip reader button at the bottom of the editor, the tooltips will be read aloud. This may be useful for students who are still learning to read.

Program slots disk icon 1 disk icon 2 disk icon 3

MicroCode provides three slots for saving user programs for later load/restore. From the editor, click on the disk icon disk icon in the upper left to select which slot to save the current program to. From the home screen, select the disk icon to load a program from one of the three save slots.

Sample programs

The MicroCode app has a set of samples built-in. Select the samples button on the MicroCode home page (see below) to reveal the gallery of samples.

new program Flashing Heart icon Smiley Buttons icon Pet hamster icon Head or tails icon Rock Paper Scissors icon Hot potato icon Clap lights icon reaction time Chuck a duck icon Firefly icon railroad crossing


MicroCode supports Jacdac modules to extend the micro:bit device with LEDs, servos, motors, … In this video, we launch an LED animation when a clap is detected.

micro:bit V2 and Arcade Shield

This functionality is experimental.

Click on the version number in the web app to download the MicroCode hex file to your micro:bit V2. When you plug the micro:bit into the Arcade Shield, MicroCode should start running. Your MicroCode program is always live and runnable. Once you remove the micro:bit from the shield, the program will persist and continue to run.

micro:bit V2 + Arcade Shield

Arcade Shield and micro:bit V2

Community pages



This project is open source and welcomes contributions and suggestions at Read the developer instructions.