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A selection in the editor. The selection is a range that has an orientation.




  • new Selection(selectionStartLineNumber: number, selectionStartColumn: number, positionLineNumber: number, positionColumn: number): Selection


endColumn: number

Column on which the range ends in line endLineNumber.

endLineNumber: number

Line number on which the range ends.

positionColumn: number

The column on positionLineNumber where the selection has ended.

positionLineNumber: number

The line number on which the selection has ended.

selectionStartColumn: number

The column on selectionStartLineNumber where the selection has started.

selectionStartLineNumber: number

The line number on which the selection has started.

startColumn: number

Column on which the range starts in line startLineNumber (starts at 1).

startLineNumber: number

Line number on which the range starts (starts at 1).


  • containsPosition(position: IPosition): boolean
  • containsRange(range: IRange): boolean
  • equalsRange(other: IRange): boolean
  • isEmpty(): boolean
  • setEndPosition(endLineNumber: number, endColumn: number): Selection
  • setStartPosition(startLineNumber: number, startColumn: number): Selection
  • strictContainsRange(range: IRange): boolean
  • toString(): string
  • createWithDirection(startLineNumber: number, startColumn: number, endLineNumber: number, endColumn: number, direction: SelectionDirection): Selection
  • isEmpty(range: IRange): boolean
  • isIRange(obj: any): obj is IRange
  • spansMultipleLines(range: IRange): boolean
  • strictContainsRange(range: IRange, otherRange: IRange): boolean