• CancellationToken



Readonly onCancellationRequested

onCancellationRequested: (listener: (e: any) => any, thisArgs?: any, disposables?: IDisposable[]) => IDisposable

An event which fires when cancellation is requested. This event only ever fires once as cancellation can only happen once. Listeners that are registered after cancellation will be called (next event loop run), but also only once.

Type declaration

    • Parameters

      • listener: (e: any) => any
          • (e: any): any
          • Parameters

            • e: any

            Returns any

      • Optional thisArgs: any
      • Optional disposables: IDisposable[]

      Returns IDisposable


Readonly isCancellationRequested

isCancellationRequested: boolean

A flag signalling is cancellation has been requested.