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Configuration options for editor suggest widget


  • ISuggestOptions



filterGraceful?: boolean

Enable graceful matching. Defaults to true.

insertMode?: "insert" | "replace"

Overwrite word ends on accept. Default to false.

localityBonus?: boolean

Favors words that appear close to the cursor.

matchOnWordStartOnly?: boolean

Controls whether suggestions allow matches in the middle of the word instead of only at the beginning

preview?: boolean

Enable or disable the rendering of the suggestion preview.

previewMode?: "prefix" | "subword" | "subwordSmart"

Configures the mode of the preview.

shareSuggestSelections?: boolean

Enable using global storage for remembering suggestions.

showClasses?: boolean

Show class-suggestions.

showColors?: boolean

Show color-suggestions.

showConstants?: boolean

Show constant-suggestions.

showConstructors?: boolean

Show constructor-suggestions.

showDeprecated?: boolean

Show deprecated-suggestions.

showEnumMembers?: boolean

Show enumMember-suggestions.

showEnums?: boolean

Show enum-suggestions.

showEvents?: boolean

Show event-suggestions.

showFields?: boolean

Show field-suggestions.

showFiles?: boolean

Show file-suggestions.

showFolders?: boolean

Show folder-suggestions.

showFunctions?: boolean

Show function-suggestions.

showIcons?: boolean

Enable or disable icons in suggestions. Defaults to true.

showInlineDetails?: boolean

Show details inline with the label. Defaults to true.

showInterfaces?: boolean

Show interface-suggestions.

showIssues?: boolean

Show issue-suggestions.

showKeywords?: boolean

Show keyword-suggestions.

showMethods?: boolean

Show method-suggestions.

showModules?: boolean

Show module-suggestions.

showOperators?: boolean

Show operator-suggestions.

showProperties?: boolean

Show property-suggestions.

showReferences?: boolean

Show reference-suggestions.

showSnippets?: boolean

Show snippet-suggestions.

showStatusBar?: boolean

Enable or disable the suggest status bar.

showStructs?: boolean

Show struct-suggestions.

showTypeParameters?: boolean

Show typeParameter-suggestions.

showUnits?: boolean

Show unit-suggestions.

showUsers?: boolean

Show user-suggestions.

showValues?: boolean

Show value-suggestions.

showVariables?: boolean

Show variable-suggestions.

showWords?: boolean

Show text-suggestions.

snippetsPreventQuickSuggestions?: boolean

Prevent quick suggestions when a snippet is active. Defaults to true.