Description of an action contribution


  • IActionDescriptor



Optional contextMenuGroupId

contextMenuGroupId: string

Control if the action should show up in the context menu and where. The context menu of the editor has these default: navigation - The navigation group comes first in all cases. 1_modification - This group comes next and contains commands that modify your code. 9_cutcopypaste - The last default group with the basic editing commands. You can also create your own group. Defaults to null (don't show in context menu).

Optional contextMenuOrder

contextMenuOrder: number

Control the order in the context menu group.


id: string

An unique identifier of the contributed action.

Optional keybindingContext

keybindingContext: string

The keybinding rule (condition on top of precondition).

Optional keybindings

keybindings: number[]

An array of keybindings for the action.


label: string

A label of the action that will be presented to the user.

Optional precondition

precondition: string

Precondition rule.



  • run(editor: ICodeEditor, ...args: any[]): void | Promise<void>
  • Method that will be executed when the action is triggered.


    • editor: ICodeEditor

      The editor instance is passed in as a convenience

    • Rest ...args: any[]

    Returns void | Promise<void>