• ISuggestOptions



Optional filterGraceful

filterGraceful: boolean

Enable graceful matching. Defaults to true.

Optional filteredTypes

filteredTypes: Record<string, boolean>

Names of suggestion types to filter.

Optional localityBonus

localityBonus: boolean

Favours words that appear close to the cursor.

Optional maxVisibleSuggestions

maxVisibleSuggestions: boolean

Max suggestions to show in suggestions. Defaults to 12.

Optional shareSuggestSelections

shareSuggestSelections: boolean

Enable using global storage for remembering suggestions.

Optional showIcons

showIcons: boolean

Enable or disable icons in suggestions. Defaults to true.

Optional snippetsPreventQuickSuggestions

snippetsPreventQuickSuggestions: boolean

Prevent quick suggestions when a snippet is active. Defaults to true.