An action is either an array of actions... ... or a case statement with guards... ... or a basic action with a token value.


  • IMonarchLanguageAction



Optional bracket

bracket: string

or @close

Optional cases

cases: Object

map from string to ILanguageAction

Optional goBack

goBack: number

go back n characters in the stream

Optional group

group: IMonarchLanguageAction[]

array of actions for each parenthesized match group

Optional log

log: string

log a message to the browser console window

Optional next

next: string

the next state to push, or "@push", "@pop", "@popall"

Optional nextEmbedded

nextEmbedded: string

switch to embedded language (useing the mimetype) or get out using "@pop"

Optional switchTo

switchTo: string

switch to this state

Optional token

token: string

token class (ie. css class) (or "@brackets" or "@rematch")