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Software Components of the Configuration Modules

This section of documentation is focused on the software components of configuration modules that are useful during platform integration.

ConfDataSettingProvider is a shim layer that registers setting provider for configuration data. The underneath implementation is operating on top of the per tag ID based configuration blob, either initialized from FV carried original configuration blob or updated through ConfApp.

The implementation of walking through configuration data is expected to be provided by platform level module, which initializes the silicon policy for a given platform and ConfigDataLib, which converts configuration data to silicon policy and serialize them into printable strings.

ConfApp is a UEFI application that replaces traditional UI application to display basic system information and provide minimal functionalities, including updating system configuration data.

ConfProfileMgrDxe is a DXE driver that validates and enforces the active configuration profile in MFCI Customer Mode.

For more general background about the steps necessary to integrate the configuration modules, please review the Platform Integration Steps.

ActiveProfileSelectorLib is a library class that should be overwritten by the platform. It provides an interface to retrieve the active configuration profile for this boot.

DXE Drivers

Driver Location
ConfDataSettingProvider SetupDataPkg/ConfDataSettingProvider/ConfDataSettingProvider.inf
ConfProfileMgrDxe SetupDataPkg/ConfProfileMgrDxe/ConfProfileMgrDxe.inf

UEFI Applications

Application Location
ConfApp SetupDataPkg/ConfApp/ConfApp.inf

Library Classes

Library Class Location
ConfigBlobBaseLib SetupDataPkg/Include/Library/ConfigBlobBaseLib.h
ConfigDataLib SetupDataPkg/Include/Library/ConfigDataLib.h
ActiveProfileSelectorLib SetupDataPkg/Include/Library/ActiveProfileSelectorLib.h