About Power CAT

Our charter includes engaging with key enterprise customers and guiding their platform implementation to success, sharing with the world what we learn from our engagements with customers in guidance and tools, and celebrating the success of our customers via compelling customer stories.

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Customer Advisory

"Customer" is the most important word in our team name. Everything we do is driven by our customer obsession. We have deep knowledge and experience in Power Platform adoption, migration, modernization, strategy, development, and architecture. We leverage our expertise to solve our customers' hardest problems and guide their Power Platform implementations to success.

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Guidance and Tools

We learn a lot from working closely with our customers on their big goals and hard problems. We share what we learn from our customer engagements with the world through best practices guidance and tools based on real-world experience. We scale our learning in articles, whitepapers, blog posts, source code, presentations, videos, and deployable solutions. We also share our deep Power Platform knowledge, expertise, and experience at events.

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Customer Stories

Making customers successful is the foundation of everything we do, and we love to celebrate their success. We bring to life compelling customer stories that highlight the diverse and creative ways in which Microsoft Power Platform is used in the real world. The customer stories provide inspiration, ideas, and encouragement for others who are on their low-code journey with Microsoft Power Platform.

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Guidance & Tools

Power CAT produces lots of resources to guide our customers to success with Microsoft Power Platform in their digital transformation. These resources were created by Power CAT, based on our experiences and expertise from working with customers.

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Power Platform Guidance

Microsoft Power Platform Guidance provides information to help you create and implement the business and technology strategies necessary to succeed with Power Platform, including .

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CoE Starter Kit

The Microsoft Power Platform Center of Excellence (CoE) Starter Kit is a set of templates that are designed to help you develop a strategy for adopting, maintaining, and supporting Microsoft Power Platform.

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Power Platform Adoption

Jumpstart your Microsoft Power Platform adoption journey with a workbook, a maturity model, and best practices that can help you shape technology, business, and people strategies for driving desired business outcomes for your adoption effort.

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Automation Kit

The Automation Kit for Microsoft Power Platform is a set of templates that are designed to help you manage, govern, and scale automation platform adoption with Power Automate, based on industry best practices.

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Power CAT Live

Power CAT Live is our YouTube channel that covers new features and enterprise level topics for enterprise architects and IT leaders. We talk about and show the solutions we are working on, and we have lively conversations with product leaders and experts.

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Creator Kit

The Microsoft Power Platform Creator Kit helps you easily create consistent, beautiful, and effective user experiences for custom business applications with a collection of 24+ Fluent UI controls and templates for Power Apps.

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Power Platform Blogs

We contribute blog posts that cover a wide range of topics and areas of interest on the official Power Platform, Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents, and Power Pages blogs.

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ALM Accelerator

The ALM accelerator for Microsoft Power Platform provides guidance and an app to help you implement source control, enable version history, and deploy solutions in Microsoft Power Platform.

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What's New

MARCH 9, 2023

March release of Automation Kit

The March release of the Automation Kit is here! New in this release is the Scheduler solution that allows you to view recurring Power Automate cloud flows that call Power Automate Desktop flows inside your environment.

Get all of the details of new features and bugfixes in the release notes.

FEBRUARY 8, 2023

February release of CoE Starter Kit

The February release of the CoE Starter Kit is here! Some highlights of this release:

  • Refreshed look-and-feel for many of the apps, using Creator Kit components and Fluent UI guidelines
  • A new look for the Command Center and Developer Compliance Center
  • All Nurture focused apps have been combined in a new Nurture apps - Makers app to make sharing and discoverability easier

Get all of the details of new features and bugfixes in the release notes.


New videos


New CoE Starter Kit release

This release contains a preview of a Setup Wizard experience for all components in the Core, Governance and Nurture components (a wizard for each independent feature), which will make setup, deployment and upgrade of the CoE kit much easier.


New managed environment guidance

This new guidance provides best practices for managing and securing the default Power Platform environment.

Manage the default environment
Secure the default environment