Redis Support

Connect to Azure Cache for Redis using Spring Redis libraries. With adding spring-cloud-azure-starter and spring-cloud-azure-resourcemanager to your application, it’s possible to read the Azure Cache for Redis connection information through Azure Resource Manager and auto-configure the Redis properties.

Dependency Setup

Add the following dependencies if you want to use the Spring Cloud Azure Redis support to your Spring Boot application using Redis.



If you choose to use a security principal to authenticate and authorize with Azure Active Directory for accessing an Azure resource, please refer to Authorize access with Azure AD to make sure the security principal has been granted the sufficient permission to access the Azure resource.
Table 1. Configurable properties when using Redis support
Property Description Default Value Required

A value that indicates whether the Azure Cache for Redis is enabled.



Azure Cache for Redis instance name.


The resource group of Azure Cache for Redis.


The subscription id.


Authentication information is also required for authenticating for Azure Resource Manager. The credential related configurations of Resource Manager should be configured under prefix For more information, see the Authentication section.

Basic Usage

Add the following properties and you are good to go.${AZURE_CACHE_REDIS_NAME}${AZURE_CACHE_REDIS_RESOURCE_GROUP}


See azure-spring-boot-samples for more details.