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SQL Server and Azure SQL Labs and Workshops


This site is a map of learning content produced by and curated by the SQL Server and Azure SQL teams in Microsoft Engineering. These materials are meant to be instructor-led, but you can work through the materials on a test system on your own if desired. Labs are shorter and Workshops are more comprehensive. You can view all materials directly in this interface, or you can view the raw github site for this content here.

To download a Workshop or Lab to your local computer, navigate to the Workshop or Lab’s github page using the links below. Once there, click the Clone or Download button you see there. More about that process is here.

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SQL Server Data Platform


Azure SQL


Presentation Materials, Code, and References

Learning how to self-learn

Many of these topics are quite deep, and take time to fully absorb. There are several phases of learning:

If you need a general “Data Literacy” course, you can find that here.

These courses are designed for you to repeat many times to move through these phases. Before you embark on any of these, you may want to complete a “Learning how to Learn” course. You can find more information on that here.

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