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Project Malmö is a platform for Artificial Intelligence experimentation and research built on top of Minecraft. We aim to inspire a new generation of research into challenging new problems presented by this unique environment.

Malmo home:

Documentation: [Tutorial] - [API] - [XML format]

Getting Started

  1. Install the dependencies for your OS: Windows, Linux, MacOSX.
  2. Launch Minecraft with our Mod installed. Instructions below.
  3. Launch one of our sample agents, as Python, Lua, C#, C++ or Java. Instructions below.

Launching Minecraft with our Mod:

Minecraft needs to create windows and render to them with OpenGL, so the machine you do this from must have a desktop environment.

Go to the folder where you unzipped the release, then:

cd Minecraft

launchClient (On Windows) ./ (On Linux or MacOSX)

or, e.g. launchClient -port 10001 to launch Minecraft on a specific port.

On Linux or MacOSX: ./ -port 10001

NB: If you run this from a terminal, the bottom line will say something like "Building 95%" - ignore this - don't wait for 100%! As long as a Minecraft game window has opened and is displaying the main menu, you are good to go.

By default the Mod chooses port 10000 if available, and will search upwards for a free port if not, up to 11000. The port chosen is shown in the Mod config page.

To change the port while the Mod is running, use the portOverride setting in the Mod config page.

The Mod and the agents use other ports internally, and will find free ones in the range 10000-11000 so if administering a machine for network use these TCP ports should be open.

Launch an agent:

Running a Python agent:

cd Python_Examples


On MacOSX we currently only support the system python, so please use /usr/bin/python if it is not the default.

Running a Lua agent:

cd Lua_Examples

lua run_mission.lua

Running a Torch agent:

cd Torch_Examples

th run_mission.lua

Running a C++ agent:

cd Cpp_Examples

To run the pre-built sample:

run_mission (on Windows) ./run_mission (on Linux or MacOSX)

To build the sample yourself:

cmake . cmake --build . ./run_mission (on Linux or MacOSX) Debug\run_mission.exe (on Windows)

Running a C# agent:

To run the pre-built sample:

cd CSharp_Examples CSharpExamples_RunMission.exe (on Windows) mono CSharpExamples_RunMission.exe (on Linux or MacOSX)

To build the sample yourself, open CSharp_Examples/RunMission.csproj in Visual Studio or MonoDevelop.

Or from the command-line:

cd CSharp_Examples

Then, on Windows: msbuild RunMission.csproj /p:Platform=x64 bin\x64\Debug\CSharpExamples_RunMission.exe

On Linux or MacOSX: xbuild RunMission.csproj /p:Platform=x64 mono bin/x64/Debug/CSharpExamples_RunMission.exe

Running a Java agent:

cd Java_Examples

java -cp MalmoJavaJar.jar:JavaExamples_run_mission.jar -Djava.library.path=. JavaExamples_run_mission (on Linux or MacOSX)

java -cp MalmoJavaJar.jar;JavaExamples_run_mission.jar -Djava.library.path=. JavaExamples_run_mission (on Windows)

Running an Atari agent:

eg: cd Python_Examples



We're building up a Troubleshooting page of the wiki for frequently encountered situations. If that doesn't work then please ask a question on our chat page or open a new issue.

Next steps

  1. Explore the samples. You'll find most of them in the Python_Examples folder.
  2. Follow the Tutorial in Python_Examples/Tutorial.pdf
  3. Explore the documentation. The 'Classes' tab above explains the API and the mission format is documented in the Schemas folder.
  4. Report any problems. Please keep in touch at the web address above.