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Feb. 11th - Connect("Live") // TACO Q&A

Join us this Thursday for our first Live Q&A event hosted on Channel9!

I’m really looking forward to this episode in which we introduce a new format and special guests as well as a whole new live streaming experience.

Special guests

We’ll be joined this week by two outstanding contributors to the Apache Cordova project: Carlos Santana and Raymond Camden.

Not only are they great contributors, they’re also members of the IBM MobileFirst team and active members of the greater Cordova community!

Topics this week

First and foremost - we’ll focus on answering your questions. We want to hear from you, so come join us and ask away.

It’s also been a very busy new year for the Cordova project and our TACO family of tools; we’ll touch upon all of the big announcements and major questions we’ve seen recently:

Join us this Thursday

Join us live this Thursday (February 11th) at 10:00 AM, US Pacific Time and visit our TACO Live site to add this event to your calendar or view past episodes.

We’ll see you soon!

Jordan Matthiesen
Program Manager | Tools for Apache Cordova
Microsoft Visual Studio