Azure Kinect Body Tracking SDK  1.0.1
Microsoft.Azure.Kinect.BodyTracking Namespace Reference

Data Structures

struct  Body
 Helper stack structure that allows easier access to body data. More...
class  Frame
 Represents body tracking frame. More...
struct  Joint
 Structure to define a single joint. More...
class  ReflectionHelpers
struct  Skeleton
 Structure to define joints for skeleton. More...
class  Tracker
 Represents Azure Kinect body tracking component. More...
struct  TrackerConfiguration
 Configuration parameters for a Azure Kinect body tracker. More...


enum  JointConfidenceLevel {
  JointConfidenceLevel.None = 0, JointConfidenceLevel.Low = 1, JointConfidenceLevel.Medium = 2, JointConfidenceLevel.High = 3,
  JointConfidenceLevel.Count = 4
 This enumeration specifies the joint confidence level. More...
enum  JointId {
  JointId.Pelvis = 0, JointId.SpineNavel, JointId.SpineChest, JointId.Neck,
  JointId.ClavicleLeft, JointId.ShoulderLeft, JointId.ElbowLeft, JointId.WristLeft,
  JointId.HandLeft, JointId.HandTipLeft, JointId.ThumbLeft, JointId.ClavicleRight,
  JointId.ShoulderRight, JointId.ElbowRight, JointId.WristRight, JointId.HandRight,
  JointId.HandTipRight, JointId.ThumbRight, JointId.HipLeft, JointId.KneeLeft,
  JointId.AnkleLeft, JointId.FootLeft, JointId.HipRight, JointId.KneeRight,
  JointId.AnkleRight, JointId.FootRight, JointId.Head, JointId.Nose,
  JointId.EyeLeft, JointId.EarLeft, JointId.EyeRight, JointId.EarRight,
 Model fitting joint definition. More...
enum  SensorOrientation { SensorOrientation.Default = 0, SensorOrientation.Clockwise90, SensorOrientation.CounterClockwise90, SensorOrientation.Flip180 }
 Sensor mounting orientation types. More...
enum  TrackerProcessingMode { TrackerProcessingMode.Gpu = 0, TrackerProcessingMode.Cpu }
 Tracker processing mode types. More...