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◆ k4a_playback_get_tag()

k4a_buffer_result_t k4a_playback_get_tag ( k4a_playback_t  playback_handle,
const char *  name,
char *  value,
size_t *  value_size 

Read the value of a tag from a recording.

playback_handleHandle obtained by k4a_playback_open().
nameThe name of the tag to read.
valueLocation to write the tag value. This will be a UTF8 null terminated string. If a NULL buffer is specified, value_size will be set to the size of buffer needed to store the string.
value_sizeOn input, the size of the value buffer. On output, this is set to the length of the tag value (including the null terminator).
A return of K4A_BUFFER_RESULT_SUCCEEDED means that the value has been filled in. If the buffer is too small the function returns K4A_BUFFER_RESULT_TOO_SMALL and the needed size of the value buffer is returned in the value_size parameter. K4A_BUFFER_RESULT_FAILED is returned if the tag does not exist. All other failures return K4A_BUFFER_RESULT_FAILED.
Tags are global to a file, and should store data related to the entire recording, such as camera configuration or recording location.