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◆ k4a_transformation_color_image_to_depth_camera()

k4a_result_t k4a_transformation_color_image_to_depth_camera ( k4a_transformation_t  transformation_handle,
const k4a_image_t  depth_image,
const k4a_image_t  color_image,
k4a_image_t  transformed_color_image 

Transforms a color image into the geometry of the depth camera.

transformation_handleTransformation handle.
depth_imageHandle to input depth image.
color_imageHandle to input color image.
transformed_color_imageHandle to output transformed color image.
This produces a color image for which each pixel matches the corresponding pixel coordinates of the depth camera.
depth_image and color_image need to represent the same moment in time. The depth data will be applied to the color image to properly warp the color data to the perspective of the depth camera.
depth_image must be of type K4A_IMAGE_FORMAT_DEPTH16. color_image must be of format K4A_IMAGE_FORMAT_COLOR_BGRA32.
transformed_color_image image must be of format K4A_IMAGE_FORMAT_COLOR_BGRA32. transformed_color_image must have the width and height of the depth camera in the mode specified by the k4a_calibration_t used to create the transformation_handle with k4a_transformation_create().
transformed_color_image should be created by the caller using k4a_image_create() or k4a_image_create_from_buffer().
K4A_RESULT_SUCCEEDED if transformed_color_image was successfully written and K4A_RESULT_FAILED otherwise.