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HostFunctionsdelT Method

Creates a delegate that invokes a script function.

Namespace: Microsoft.ClearScript
Assembly: ClearScript.Core (in ClearScript.Core.dll) Version: 7.4.5
public T del<T>(
	Object scriptFunc


scriptFunc  Object
The script function for which to create a delegate.

Type Parameters

The type of delegate to create.

Return Value

A new delegate that invokes the specified script function.
If the delegate signature includes parameters passed by reference, the corresponding arguments to the script function will be host variables. The script function can set the value of an output argument by assigning the corresponding host variable's value property.
The following code demonstrates delegating a callback to a script function. It assumes that an instance of ExtendedHostFunctions is exposed under the name "host" (see AddHostObject).
// create and populate an array of integers
var EnumerableT = host.type("System.Linq.Enumerable", "System.Core");
var array = EnumerableT.Range(1, 5).ToArray();
// import the callback type required to call Array.ForEach
var Int32T = host.type("System.Int32");
var CallbackT = host.type("System.Action", Int32T);
// use Array.ForEach to calculate a sum
var sum = 0;
var ArrayT = host.type("System.Array");
ArrayT.ForEach(array, host.del(CallbackT, function (value) { sum += value; }));
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