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IScriptEngineEvaluate(String, String) Method

Evaluates script code with an associated document name.

Namespace: Microsoft.ClearScript
Assembly: ClearScript.Core (in ClearScript.Core.dll) Version: 7.4.5
Object Evaluate(
	string documentName,
	string code


documentName  String
A document name for the script code. Currently, this name is used only as a label in presentation contexts such as debugger user interfaces.
code  String
The script code to evaluate.

Return Value

The result value.

In some script languages the distinction between statements and expressions is significant but ambiguous for certain syntactic elements. This method always interprets the specified script code as an expression.

If a debugger is attached, it will present the specified script code to the user as a document with the specified name. This document will be discarded after execution.

For information about the types of result values that script code can return, see Evaluate(String, Boolean, String).

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