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Microsoft.ClearScript.V8 Namespace

The Microsoft.ClearScript.V8 namespace contains types that provide access to the V8 high-performance open-source JavaScript engine.
Public classV8CpuProfile Represents a V8 CPU profile.
Public classV8CpuProfileNode Represents a node in a V8 CPU profile's call tree.
Public classV8CpuProfileSample Represents a V8 CPU profile sample.
Public classV8Runtime Represents an instance of the V8 runtime.
Public classV8RuntimeConstraints Specifies resource constraints for a V8 runtime.
Public classV8RuntimeHeapInfo Contains memory usage information for a V8 runtime.
Public classV8Script Represents a compiled script that can be executed multiple times without recompilation.
Public classV8ScriptEngine Represents an instance of the V8 JavaScript engine.
Public classV8Settings Defines properties that comprise ClearScript's V8 configuration.
Public structureV8CpuProfileNodeHitLine Represents a script line observed by the V8 CPU profiler.
Public enumerationV8CacheKind Defines caching options for V8 script compilation.
Public enumerationV8CpuProfileFlags Defines options for creating a V8 CPU profile.
Public enumerationV8GlobalFlags Defines global V8 options.
Public enumerationV8RuntimeFlags Defines options for initializing a new V8 runtime instance.
Public enumerationV8RuntimeViolationPolicy Defines options for V8 runtime behavior in response to a violation.
Public enumerationV8ScriptEngineFlags Defines options for initializing a new V8 JavaScript engine instance.