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HostItemFlags Enumeration

Defines options for exposing host resources to script code.

Namespace: Microsoft.ClearScript
Assembly: ClearScript.Core (in ClearScript.Core.dll) Version: 7.4.5
public enum HostItemFlags
Member nameValueDescription
None0 Specifies that no options are selected.
GlobalMembers1 Specifies that the host resource's members are to be exposed as global items in the script engine's root namespace.
PrivateAccess2 Specifies that the host resource's non-public members are to be exposed.
HideDynamicMembers4 Specifies that the host resource's dynamic members are not to be exposed. This option applies only to objects that implement IDynamicMetaObjectProvider.
DirectAccess8 Specifies that the script engine is to be given direct access to the exposed object if possible. This option, when supported, suppresses marshaling and hands off the object for script access without the host's involvement. It is currently supported only for COM and COM-visible objects exposed in Windows Script engines.
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