HLSL Shader Model 6.8

v0.6 2024-03-11



This document covers the new Shader Model 6.8. A brief summary of each new feature is listed below along with links to detailed specifications.

Work Graphs

Work Graphs define a system of shader nodes that feed into each other to enable tailored GPU work creation.

See the Work Graphs documentation for more details.

Expanded Comparison Sampling

Several existing operations have been expanded to support Comparison Samplers. New methods: SampleCmpBias, SampleCmpGrad. Added overloads: CalculateLevelOfDetail, CalculateLevelOfDetailUnclamped.

See the Expanded Comparison Sampling documentation for more details.

Extended Command Information

Two new system-value semantics are required to be supported in HLSL shader model 6.8:

See the Extended Command Information documentation for more details.

Wave Size Range

A new variant of the WaveSize attribute is added: [WaveSize( min, max [, preferred] )]. This allows you to specify a range and optional preferred size.

See the Wave Size Range documentation for more details.

Change Log

Version Date Description
0.1 29 Jun 2021 Initial draft outline
0.2 20 Oct 2021 Update spec links
0.3 24 Aug 2022 Add WaveMMA spec link
0.4 01 May 2023 Update included elements
0.5 21 Jun 2023 Update for preview release
0.6 11 Mar 2024 Remove WaveMMA; remove experimental; add Expanded Comparison Sampling, Extended Command Information, and Wave Size Range