The main interface provided by visual constructor method.


Method Return type Brief description
applyJsonFilter(filter, objectName, propertyName, action) void Applies a JSON Filter to the host
createLocalizationManager() ILocalizationManager Creates an instance of ILocalizationManager
createSelectionManager() ISelectionManager Creates an instance of ISelectionManager
fetchMoreData() boolean Fetches more data from a data-set
launchUrl(url) void Opens an external URL in a browser
persistProperties(changes) void Saves properties in a host
createSelectionIdBuilder() ISelectionIdBuilder Creates an instance of ISelectionIdBuilder


Property type Brief description
allowInteractions boolean Indicates whether the visual should allow visual interactions
colorPalette IColorPalette Power BI color palette
locale string Returns current locale (en-US, etc.)
tooltipService ITooltipService Returns an instance of ITooltipService


export class SomeVisualName implements IVisual {
    constructor(options: VisualConstructorOptions) {
        const { host } = options;