Interface Insight

Options to designate a SandDance visualization.


  • Insight



Optional backgroundImage

backgroundImage: BackgroundImage


chart: Chart

Optional colorBin

colorBin: ColorBin

Type of color binning to use on color scale. Only applicable when the column in the color role is quantitative.


Optional directColor

directColor: boolean

Optional flag to use CSS colors directly from data.

Optional facetStyle

facetStyle: FacetStyle

Optional filter

filter: Search

Optional hideAxes

hideAxes: boolean

Optional flag to hide axes.

Optional hideLegend

hideLegend: boolean

Optional flag to hide legend.

Optional scheme

scheme: string

Name of the color scheme. See

Optional signalValues

signalValues: SignalValues

Vega signal values for this insight.


size: Size

Optional totalStyle

totalStyle: TotalStyle

Optional transform

transform: Transforms[]

Optional array of Vega transforms to apply to the data.

Optional view

view: View


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