Renewable energy procurement

Switching to renewable energy sources such as solar and wind is an important way to reduce emissions; these trainings spread over four modules will guide you in building a renewable energy roadmap.

Roadmap development

  • Learn how to establish the tenets of an impactful, implementable renewable energy strategy. These modules are designed to be accessible to anyone, without an advanced sustainability or energy management background. They are intended to help a corporate sustainability, facilities, finance or executive audience understand the basic process to create a renewable energy roadmap.

  • Roadmap development module

Procurement options

  • Learn about the variety of renewable energy procurement options in the US, with a focus on bundled options. This module will you understand the fundamentals of each of the renewable energy procurement options and solutions available for your renewable energy project.

  • Procurement options module

Stakeholder engagement

  • Learn how to identify stakeholders and determine messaging needed to build support internally for your renewable energy project. Identification of engaged stakeholders, strong internal communications, and development of a solid business case are paramount for executive buy-in to your renewable energy project.

  • Stakeholder engagement module

Renewable energy procurement in action

  • Learn the nuts and bolts of developing a procurement plan and screening potential vendors. This module will help you understand the fundamental concepts for an effective and successful renewable energy procurement implementation.

  • Renewable energy procurement in action module