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SynapseML Videos

Create Custom Search Engines from Unstructured Data with SynapseML

Learn how to create custom search engines from unstructured data using Form Recognizer, Form Ontology Learner, Translation, GPT-3 and Azure Search in SynapseML.

Unsupervised Currency Detection

Spark + AI Summit Keynote 2019

We use Bing on Spark, CNTK on Spark, Spark Serving, and ML Ops to help those with visual impairments work with currency.

Unsupervised Fire Safety

Spark + AI Summit Europe Keynote 2018

We use Bing on Spark, CNTK on Spark, and Spark serving to create a automated fire detection service for gas station safety. We then deploy this to an FPGA accelerated camera for Shell Industries.

Predictive Maintenance with UAVs

Spark + AI Summit 2018

We use CNTK on Spark to distribute a Faster RCNN object detection network and deploy it as a web service with SynapseML Serving for use on Unmanned Aerial Vehicals (UAVs)

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Automated Snow Leopard Detection

We have partnered with the Snow Leopard Trust to create an intelligent snow leopard identification system. This project helped eliminate thousands of hours of searching through photos.

Real-time Intelligent Analytics

Microsoft Connect Keynote 2017

We use CNTK on Spark and deep transfer learning to create a real-time geospacial application for conservation biology in 5 minutes

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