What The Hack - Rock Paper Scissors Boom


Rock Paper Scissors Boom is a collaborative competition among developers. It’s based on a project idea from a Microsoft Developer Evangelist that was called “Rock Paper Azure”.

This server project provides an API that developers can use to develop bots that play the Rock Paper Scissors Boom game.

Rules of the Game:

Learning Objectives

In this hack, we are going to take a web app called “Rock Paper Scissors Boom” and deploy it on Azure! This app is a game server that allows bots to play the classic Rock/Paper/Scissors game. The web app is built on .NET core - it runs on Linux and Windows! The web app is open source and built by DevChatter. This hack’s repo was forked from DevChatter's original repo.

Through progressive challenges we will build the web app, deploy it to Azure, monitor it, protect it, enhance and extend it.

At the end, each team will be able to build their own bot and compete with each other.


Here are the technologies and services you will leverage: