Identity for Developers


The Identity for Developers Hack will provide you a deep dive experience into enabling customer-facing identity solutions for your applications. Identity is a booming area of the Microsoft Cloud platform and enabling identity solutions in your engagements allows for faster production deployments. Azure Active Directory B2C enables you to provide custom identity access management solutions for your applications.

B2C Overview

Learning Objectives

In this hack, we’ll enable identity solutions using Azure Active Directory B2C, demonstrating how to:

  1. Create and integrate out of the box user flows

  2. Create and integrate customized policies

  3. Call REST APIs for token enrichment and claims validation

  4. Monitor and report on your B2C tenant

Overall Architecture

In this hack, you will build Azure AD B2C policies that enable users to be able to sign up, sign in, edit their profile, and delete their account. Along the way, you will enable API integration, conditional access checks, monitoring, and other services. The below diagram shows the various services this hack involves, along with the corresponding challenges where you will encounter these services. The section that follows this provides additional information and links to the specific challenges.

Contoso Manufacturing Consultant App Architecture


Challenge 0: Prepare Your Environment for B2C

Challenge 1: Getting Started with B2C

Challenge 2: Sign Me Up! Sign Me In!

Challenge 3: External Identity Providers

Challenge 4: Logos, Colors, and Custom Text

Challenge 5: Claims Enrichment - The ID Verify-inator!!

Challenge 6: Conditional Access - Are You Who You Say You Are?

Challenge 7: Admin the B2C Tenant with MS Graph

Challenge 8: Preparation for Identity Experience Framework

Challenge 9: Creating Custom Policies

Challenge 10: Getting Insights Into B2C

Challenge 11: Parameterize Your Policies

Challenge 12: Hey, What’s Going On In My B2C Tenant??

Challenge Flow

This Identity Hack can be broken into two smaller hacks: one focusing just on User Flows and the other focusing on Custom Policies. If you want a hack focused on one of these tracts, this diagram illustrates the common challenges and the tract-specific challenges:

Challenge Tracts

If you want to experience both User Flows and Custom Policies, then exercise each challenge in order.


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