What The Hack - Microsoft Teams: Make It Real


This hack will help you get hands-on experience with the Microsoft 365 platform, combining its services such as Teams, SharePoint, Forms, Power Automate, and Power BI to solve real-world problems for an organization. The hack is designed for power users who are comfortable with the basics of Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. The hack is performed in the context of a fictious organization with use cases (the challenges) that your team is going to solve.

This hack includes a optional lecture presentation that features short presentations to introduce key topics associated with each challenge. It is recommended that the host present each short presentation before attendees kick off that challenge or to do it all at the front of the day (host’s choice).

Learning Objectives

In this hack you will work with your team to configure M365 services to solve a common collaboration challenges and to improve business processes. You will focus on how the organization itself collaborates and shares information during an emergency response, how the organization supports their first responders in the field, and how the organization interacts with public citizens.

  1. Configure a Microsoft Team including an information architecture and access to key resources
  2. Configure different types of online meeting experiences based on requirements
  3. Design and implement business processes that require collection of data, approval workflows, and reporting

Contoso Agency Background

Contoso is a fictitious government agency whose mission is to help people through emergency/disaster level events such as extreme weather, fires, earthquakes, and large-scale impacts of power or water systems. They have regional offices throughout the United States with regional directors and response teams that manage emergencies based on its geographical impact. The regional offices often work together with local authorities such as police, fire & rescue, national guard and the local media. There is a centralized headquarters in Washington DC which provides funding to the regional offices and provides guidance in the form of programs on how each office is to respond during specific types of events. If an emergency impacts more than one geography, the HQ staff often take on the coordinating role helping each regional office work collaboratively.

Contoso recently deployed Office 365 and is currently using all of its services for information worker activities. During a recent review, Contoso found several deficiencies in their standard operating procedures related to emergency response that they believe are opportunities for improvement by introducing Office 365 services.



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