What The Hack - ChaosStudio4AKS


Azure Chaos Studio (Preview) is a managed service for improving resilience by injecting faults into your Azure applications. Running controlled fault injection experiments against your applications, a practice known as chaos engineering, helps you to measure, understand, and improve resilience against real-world incidents, such as a region outages or application failures causing high CPU utilization on a VMs, Scale Sets, and Azure Kubernetes.

Learning Objectives

This “What the Hack” WTH is designed to introduce you to Azure Chaos Studio (Preview) and guide you through a series of hands-on challenges to accomplish the following:

In this WTH, you are the system owner of the Contoso Pizzeria Application (or you may bring your own application). Super Bowl Sunday is Contoso Pizza’s busiest time of the year, the pizzeria ordering application must be available during the Super Bowl.

You have been tasked to test the resiliency of the pizzeria application (or your application). The pizzeria application is running on Azure and you will use Chaos Studio to simulate various failures.



Learning Resources