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CanvasRenderTargetCreateDrawingSession Method
Returns a new drawing session. The drawing session draws onto the CanvasRenderTarget.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Graphics.Canvas
Assembly:  Microsoft.Graphics.Canvas (in Microsoft.Graphics.Canvas.dll) Version:
public CanvasDrawingSession CreateDrawingSession()

Return Value

Type: CanvasDrawingSession

CanvasRenderTarget is useful for offscreen rendering.

Note that drawing work is not usually actually carried out by the GPU until the returned drawing session object is closed. In C# this is typically done with a 'using' statement, or in C++/CX the 'delete' keyword. Be sure to close the drawing session before using the rendertarget as a source for some other operation (for example DrawImage Overload, SaveAsync Overload, or CopyPixelsFromBitmap Overload).


Like CanvasBitmap, CanvasRenderTargets are created against an ICanvasResourceCreator, such as a device or control.

CanvasRenderTarget renderTarget = new CanvasRenderTarget(canvasControl, 100, 150);

using (CanvasDrawingSession drawingSession = renderTarget.CreateDrawingSession())

Or if you are programming in C++/CX:

CanvasRenderTarget^ renderTarget = ref new CanvasRenderTarget(canvasControl, 100, 150);
CanvasDrawingSession^ drawingSession = renderTarget->CreateDrawingSession();


delete drawingSession;
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