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CanvasClusterMetrics Structure
Describes a glyph cluster.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Graphics.Canvas.Text
Assembly:  Microsoft.Graphics.Canvas (in Microsoft.Graphics.Canvas.dll) Version:
public struct CanvasClusterMetrics

The CanvasClusterMetrics type exposes the following members.

Public fieldCharacterCount
The number of characters in the cluster.
Public fieldProperties
The glyph cluster's properties.
Public fieldWidth
The advance width of all glyphs in the cluster.

A glyph cluster represents something drawn as one text character, and moves the text caret over by one position.

In Latin script with no diacritics (accents), a glyph cluster is simply one character. But in general, a cluster can span multiple characters in a text string.

For example, a text layout created from "นี้" appears as if it's one glyph, but it spans three characters. It's a cluster with a CharacterCount of 3.

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