Keyboard Interface#

The keyboard interface has been designed for convenient data entry. The usual sequence when building up an XML fragment is to use INSERT to enter a new node of the same type as the current node, type in its name then hit TAB to enter its value, then repeat this process and soon you will have quickly built up a document from scratch.

Handy Keyboard short cuts include:

Key Description
TAB navigates from the tree view to the corresponding node value then to the next node in the tree view and so on. SHIFT-TAB does the reverse.
Arrow Keys Up/Down/Left/Right do the usual things in the tree view.
CTRL+SHIFT+Arrow Nudge the selected node up, down, left or right.
HOME/END Navigate to first and last visible nodes in the tree view.
PAGE UP/DOWN Scrolls the tree view up or down one page.
INSERT Insert another node of the same type.
CTRL+INSERT Insert a child element.
ALT+INSERT Insert a child attribute.
ENTER Enter and exit edit mode on a node name and/or node value. You can also enter edit mode by just typing in some non-navigational keystrokes and what you type will replace what was selected.
CTRL+D Duplicate the current node, so you can quickly create similar fragments of XML and then just edit the values.
CTRL+F Brings up the Find dialog.
CTRL+H Brings up the Find/Replace dialog.
CTRL+I Incremental search - as you type a sequence of letters, this search mode will match the next node that starts with that sequence. The more letters you type the more precise the match becomes. In a large document this is a convenient way to navigate around.
CTRL+C, CTRL+V, CTRL+X Cut/Copy/Paste - see Clipboard support.
F2 Edit the current node name or value.
F3 After dismissing the find dialog, this keystroke repeats the last Find operation. SHIFT+F3 finds in the reverse direction.
F6 Move focus to next panel (cycles between tree view, value view and error list). SHIFT+F6 cycles in the reverse order.
F4 Move to the next error.
SHIFT+ENTER Add a new line to a multi-line node value
CTRL+DRAG-DROP Normally drag/drop is a move operation. If you hold down the Control key then it becomes a Copy operation.
Multiply (* on number pad) Expand all nodes under the selected node.
Add (+ on number pad) Expand the selected node.
Subtract (- on number pad) Collapse the selected node.