IoT DevKit Board

Build a Cloud Powered IoT App in Minutes

The MXChip IoT DevKit (a.k.a DevKit) is an all-in-one IoT Device Kit, you can use it to develop and prototype IoT (Internet of Things) solutions that take advantage of Microsoft Azure services. It includes an Arduino-compatible development board with rich peripherals and sensors, an open-source board package, and a growing projects catalog.

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Seamless Development Experience

Use Visual Studio Code with Arduino Extension to quickly build a full-fledged IoT application that integrates multiple services like Azure IoT Hub, Logic App and Cognitive Services. Our projects catalog has innovative samples to help you get started and build your own project.

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Powerful ARM Cortex-M Board with Rich Peripherals

SoC module combines the power of the ST Microelectronics STM32F412 at its core and Cypress BCM43362 for Wi-Fi. The on-board peripherals include an OLED screen, headphone output, stereo microphone and abundant sensors like humidity & temperature, pressure, motion (accelerometer & gyroscope) and magnetometer.

Hardware Specs

Fully Compatible Arduino Board

All the cool things you can do with an Arduino can be done with the IoT DevKit. It is targeted for developers to create and prototype IoT projects, using a low-power device, quickly and easily. There are 25 external GPIO pins on the edge connector of the board, allowing you to connect to external sensors and actuators.

Pin Breakouts