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bond::SimpleJsonWriter< BufferT > Class Template Reference

Writer for Simple JSON. More...

Inherits rapidjson::Writer< detail::RapidJsonOutputStream< BufferT > >, and boost::noncopyable.

Public Member Functions

 SimpleJsonWriter (Buffer &output, bool pretty=false, int indent=4, bool all_fields=true)
 Construct from output buffer/stream. More...
boost::call_traits< Buffer >::reference GetBuffer ()
 Access to underlying buffer. More...

Detailed Description

template<typename BufferT>
class bond::SimpleJsonWriter< BufferT >

Writer for Simple JSON.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SimpleJsonWriter()

template<typename BufferT >
bond::SimpleJsonWriter< BufferT >::SimpleJsonWriter ( Buffer &  output,
bool  pretty = false,
int  indent = 4,
bool  all_fields = true 

Construct from output buffer/stream.

outputreference to output buffer/stream
prettytrue to generate output with whitespaces, default false
indentnumber of spaces of indentation, default 4
all_fieldsif false, optional fields may be omitted, default true

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetBuffer()

template<typename BufferT >
boost::call_traits< Buffer >::reference bond::SimpleJsonWriter< BufferT >::GetBuffer ( )

Access to underlying buffer.