ICoyoteRuntime interface

Interface that exposes base runtime methods for Coyote.

public interface ICoyoteRuntime : IDisposable


name description
Logger { get; set; } Gets or sets an ILogger for logging runtime messages.
event OnFailure Callback that is fired when an exception is thrown that includes failed assertions.
Assert(…) Checks if the assertion holds, and if not, throws an AssertionFailureException exception. (5 methods)
Monitor<T>(…) Invokes the specified monitor with the specified Event.
RandomBoolean() Returns a nondeterministic boolean choice, that can be controlled during testing.
RandomInteger(…) Returns a nondeterministic integer choice, that can be controlled during testing. The value is used to generate an integer in the range [0..maxValue).
RegisterLog(…) Use this method to register an IRuntimeLog.
RegisterMonitor<T>() Registers a new specification monitor of the specified Type.
RemoveLog(…) Use this method to unregister a previously registered IRuntimeLog.
Stop() Terminates the runtime, causing any executing operations to eventually complete.

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