Fearless coding for cloud services

Coyote increases uptime.

In mission-critical cloud applications, minor failures can cost millions in disrupted services. Developers face extreme challenges in this unpredictable high-stakes environment.

With Coyote you can create highly reliable software as it reduces complexity and automatically finds hard-to-detect bugs.

We often found bugs with Coyote in a matter of minutes that would have taken days with stress testing.

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Coyote's benefits

Coyote benefits

Discovers deep bugs automatically

Coyote's intelligent systematic-testing engine finds and reproduces nondeterministic bugs for rapid repair.

Embeds the design in your code

Coyote makes adding new features easy and cost-efficient because it ensures software design and code remain in sync.

Delivers a lightweight runtime

Coyote's runtime is built on the Task Parallel Library and works with any communication, storage, or deployment mechanism.

Increases productivity

Coyote is easy to adopt, even in production. Devs get up to speed quickly, and teams report significant productivity increases.

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Case studies

"Developing a new feature using Coyote took us one month—it would have taken six months without Coyote."

Critical Azure services are adopting Coyote and reporting increased performance and uptime. They are experiencing fewer bugs—in some cases, none—after production deployment. They're also emphasizing impressive speed when adding new features, plus appreciating Coyote's low-barrier entry for team members.

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