ActorId class

Unique actor id.

public sealed class ActorId : IComparable<ActorId>, IEquatable<ActorId>

Public Members

name description
IsNameUsedForHashing { get; } True if NameValue is used as the unique id, else false.
Runtime { get; } The runtime that executes the actor with this id.
readonly Name Name used for logging.
readonly NameValue Unique id, when non-empty.
readonly Type The type of the actor associated with this id.
readonly Value Unique id, when NameValue is empty.
CompareTo(…) Compares the specified ActorId with the current ActorId for ordering or sorting purposes.
Equals(…) Indicates whether the specified ActorId is equal to the current ActorId.
override Equals(…) Determines whether the specified object is equal to the current object.
override GetHashCode() Returns the hash code for this instance.
override ToString() Returns a string that represents the current actor id.

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