EventGroup class

An object representing a long running context involving one or more actors. An EventGroup can be provided as an optional argument in CreateActor and SendEvent. If a null EventGroup is passed then the EventGroup is inherited from the sender or target actors (based on which ever one has a CurrentEventGroup). In this way an EventGroup is automatically communicated to all actors involved in completing some larger operation. Each actor involved can find the EventGroup using their CurrentEventGroup property.

public class EventGroup

Public Members

name description
EventGroup(…) Initializes a new instance of the EventGroup class.
static Null A special null event group that can be used to stop the CurrentEventGroup from being passed along when CreateActor or SendEvent is invoked.
Id { get; } The unique id of this EventGroup, initialized with Guid.Empty.
Name { get; } An optional friendly name for this EventGroup.

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