Microsoft.Coyote.Test assembly

Microsoft.Coyote.Rewriting namespace

public type description
class RewritingEngine Engine that can rewrite a set of assemblies for systematic testing.
class RewritingSignatureAttribute Attribute that contains a signature identifying the parameters used during binary rewriting of an assembly.
class SkipRewritingAttribute Attribute for declaring source code targets that must not be rewritten.

Microsoft.Coyote.SystematicTesting namespace

public type description
class TestAttribute Attribute for declaring the entry point to a Coyote test.
class TestDisposeAttribute Attribute for declaring a cleanup method to be called when all test iterations terminate.
class TestingEngine Testing engine that can run a controlled concurrency test using a specified configuration.
class TestInitAttribute Attribute for declaring the initialization method to be called before testing starts.
class TestIterationDisposeAttribute Attribute for declaring a cleanup method to be called when each test iteration terminates.
class TestReport Report containing information from a test run.

Microsoft.Coyote.SystematicTesting.Frameworks.XUnit namespace

public type description
class TestOutputLogger Logger that writes to the xUnit test output.

Microsoft.Coyote.Web namespace

public type description
static class RequestControllerMiddlewareExtensions Middleware for controlling an ASP.NET web application during testing.