Microsoft.Coyote.Test assembly

Microsoft.Coyote.Rewriting namespace

public type description
class RewritingEngine Engine that can rewrite a set of assemblies for systematic testing.
class RewritingSignatureAttribute Attribute that contains a signature identifying the parameters used during binary rewriting of an assembly.

Microsoft.Coyote.SystematicTesting namespace

public type description
class TestAttribute Attribute for declaring the entry point to a Coyote test.
class TestDisposeAttribute Attribute for declaring a cleanup method to be called when all test iterations terminate.
class TestingEngine Testing engine that can run a controlled concurrency test using a specified configuration.
class TestInitAttribute Attribute for declaring the initialization method to be called before testing starts.
class TestIterationDisposeAttribute Attribute for declaring a cleanup method to be called when each test iteration terminates.
class TestReport Report containing information from a test run.

Microsoft.Coyote.Web namespace

public type description
static class RequestControllerMiddlewareExtensions Middleware for controlling an ASP.NET web application during testing.