Supported data formats

This guide helps you to utilize indexes on other types of data sources such as Delta Lake.

Pluggable source builders

Since Hyperspace v0.4, Hyperspace supports indexes built on other types of data sources. To avoid unnecessary library dependencies, we provide pluggable source builders to support other types of sources.

There are no special APIs for other source types, so you can use the existing APIs with a DataFrame built on a different type of source seamlessly.

Currently, Hyperspace supports the below source types:

  • Delta Lake (since v0.4)
  • Apache Iceberg (work-in-progress PRs)

Delta Lake

Since Hyperspace v0.4, Hyperspace supports index creation on Delta Lake tables. You can add Delta Lake support by setting the following config before creating Hyperspace object.

      "," +

val hyperspace = new Hyperspace(spark)

You can use the existing API with a Delta Lake Dataframe.

For example, index creation:

val deltaDf ="delta").option("versionAsOf", version.get).load(dataPath)
hyperspace.createIndex(deltaDf, IndexConfig("deltaIndex", Seq("clicks"), Seq("Query")))

Mutable dataset

For Delta Lake, you can still utilize the existing feature set such as Hybrid Scan & incremental refresh in the same way. Please note that these features are based on the difference of source files. If there are a lot of changes in the source dataset from update/insert/delete executions, these features won’t be applied due to performance implications. We highly recommend that you analyze performance on your own workloads before going into production.

For more information, please refer Mutable dataset page.

Time travel query

Hyperspace can support Delta Lake time travel queries using Hybrid Scan. We can extract appended and deleted files from an older delta version based on the latest index. Then we can apply Hybrid Scan by considering:

  • appended files after the older version as deleted files
  • deleted files after the older version as appended files

We have some planned improvements discussed in this issue.