Microsoft is working to reduce the time required to remediate Identity issues when on-boarding to Office 365. A portion of this effort is intended to address the time involved in remediating the Active Directory errors reported by the directory synchronization tools. The focus of IdFix is to enable the customer to accomplish this task in a simple, expedient fashion without relying on subject matter experts.

To date, processes used to remediated Active Directory issues in customer environments have been inconsistent at best. Each customer has relied upon interpretations of the guidance, expensive consulting, and the varied skill sets they have local to their organizations. The result has been long delays in correcting errors with corresponding delays in deployment and associated customer dissatisfaction. Microsoft has recognized that customers need a basic tool to alleviate this pain.

IdFix provides customers the ability to identify and remediate the majority of object synchronization errors in their Active Directory forests in preparation for deployment to Office 365. Analysis from the Support cases per month shows that roughly 60% of all errors seen daily fall into duplicate or malformed proxyAddresses and userPrincipalName. The utility does not fix all errors, but it does find and fix the majority. This remediation will then allow them to more successfully synchronize users, contacts, and groups from the on-premises Active Directory into the Microsoft 365.

IdFix may identify errors beyond those that emerge during synchronization. The most common example is compliance with rfc 2822 for smtp addresses. Although invalid attribute values can be synchronized to the cloud the best practice recommendation from the product group is that these errors be corrected.