Never build the same code twice

Give your monorepo the smarts to actually save you time


Finally a task runner that truly understands the structure of my workspaces!

Jason Gore, Microsoft Loop

Seriously, never build more than once

Building once is painful enough! Lage will remember what is done before and skip any work that is not needed. Lage even skips the work based on your changes… really!

With Lage, we've been able to parallelize our builds and use cache to reduce CI time from about 40 minutes to five minutes.

Brandon Thomas, Microsoft 365 Admin Design System

Speeding up your repo takes no time

Lage is simple to setup and works everywhere. It just takes a minute, seriously!

Use one of our clouds, or bring your own!

Lage upends the notion that monorepo builds have to be linear and sequential, [it] leverages modern processing power and is incredibly powerful and configurable.

Jason Gore, Microsoft Loop

Discover what is slowing you down

With the built-in profiler, Lage will let you see exactly where the bottlenecks are. Yes, you can be the hero of your team.

Visualize your build graphs with Lage's suite of tools.


Seeing is believing— give Lage a spin

There’s no better time than now to save yourself time. Get started within a minute with a single command!

Better together

Lage works great on its own, but even better alongside its related tools.