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Annotated example programs.

Smiley Buttons MicroCode program

The basics


These sample use variables to store and read numeric values.


These samples store a random number and use to build mini games.


These sample use variables to build counters using buttons, movement or sounds:

These counters are a bit more involved:


These sample use multiple pages in their programs:


These programs use radio to send messages between multiple micro:bits.

micro:bit Robot

These sample work with a 2 wheel robot controlled by a micro:bit.

Jacdac modules

These samples use Jacdac modules to extend the capabilities of the micro:bit. The programming tiles for the modules appear in MicroCode when the modules are plugged in (either via a Jacdaptor or the Kittenbot shield). All the modules from Kittenbot Jacdac Kit A and the Forward Education Climate Kit are supported.