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Project 15 from Microsoft | Open Platform Repository

Open Platform portal

There are 5 sections in the portal

Portal 01

1 : Azure IoT Hub

Azure IoT Hub is a managed service, hosted in the cloud, that acts as a central message hub for bi-directional communication between your IoT application and the devices it manages. Open Platform uses IoT Hub to connect devices to the solution, receive messages, manage devices, and send commands to devices (if devices support commands).

In IoT Hub section, you can :

2 : Device Provisioning Service

Device Provisioning Service is a helper service for IoT Hub that enables zero-touch, just-in-time provisioning to the right IoT hub. Open Platform uses DPS to provision devices to the solution, if a device supports DPS.

In DPS section, you can :

3 : Azure Maps

Azure Maps is a collection of geospatial services to provide location intelligence

By default, Open Platform deploys Azure Maps but does not use it. Azure Maps is used for Azure Digital Twins demo.

4 : Time Series Insights (TSI)

You can use Time Series Insights to collect, process, store, query and visualize data at Internet of Things (IoT) scale–data that’s highly contextualized and optimized for time series.

5 : Raw Data

Open Platform receives raw data from the backend solution in real time. There are two types of data, Telemetry and Events. Read More on data types.

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